About Meadowcroft Farm

Our 14 ha farm is located in peaceful Golden Bay, where our 60 milking goats enjoy a sea view as they graze our free range pastures. The ‘girls’ have plenty of shade for hot days and live a stress free life. They have free range to graze our pastures, which are cultivated to include a mix of herbs and grasses essential to the health of our goats and the flavour of our milk products. Our aim is to produce a high quality product from a small acreage – and to support our family in a traditional small farming sustainable system.

Currently we produce and sell 10,000 cheeses and 3500 litres of milk a year. Our products are available through retail outlets from the Kapiti Coast to Queenstown.

The Meadowcroft goats

Our goats are Saanens, named for the valley in Switzerland where they were originally bred. Saanen goats are now found the world over, and much favoured for commercial milk production for their quiet natures, excellent milk quality and high yield. We purposefully tailor our pastures to grow a mix of herbs and grasses that promote optimal goat health. We milk once a day, from August to April. In the winter months the girls can be found lounging around the back paddocks resting and gaining weight before they produce 1-3 kids in the spring. We use natural mating techniques. The Meadowcroft herd was established in the early 90’s and we replenish the herd annually with new young kids bred naturally from our own goats.

The Meadowcroft farmers

Tim and Kylie Connell, and their children Emily and Ashton, are a traditional farming family who sustainably farm 14 ha of coastal land in Golden Bay. They took over Meadowcroft Farm from its previous owner in 2013. Both Kylie and Tim come from a West Coast farming background; they came to Golden Bay for a sustainable farming family lifestyle. Since taking over Meadowcroft, they have learned the fine art of artisan cheese making to produce the farm’s range of French style soft cheeses.


Tasman District Council's Primary Producer's Environmental Award 2000 for sustainable management principles across all aspects of the farming operation.

New Zealand Cheese Awards medal winner 2000

Child in goat farm Preparing Goat Cheese