Goats Milk

Goats Milk

Goats Milk

Meadowcroft Goat’s Milk

Meadowcroft pasteurised Goat’s Milk is a delicious alternative to cow’s milk. It is naturally homogenised, low allergenic and may be suitable for people with lactose intolerance. Our milk is pasteurised on the farm and has a fresh clean flavour, creamy texture and excellent shelf life.

While we have never frozen the milk, many of our customers do so to ensure winter supply. Please contact us to discuss.

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goats milk

1litre     Store below 4°

Nutritional Contents:

Average quantity per 100ml per serving
Energy 243kj 243kj
Protein 2.93g 2.93g
Fat 3.30g 3.30g
   -Fat saturated 1.98g 1.98g
Total 4.20g 4.20g
   -Sugars 4.20g 4.20g
Sodium 32mg 32mg

 Serving size 100ml